Here / Now With Polly Rodriguez
Here / Now With Polly Rodriguez
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SEX. It’s that three-letter word that immediately commands attention. Yet, when posed with the question of why feminine sexuality is so underrepresented, both men and women tend to clam up. Entrepreneur Polly Rodriguez, co-founded Unbound to combat this disengagement. This sex-tech platform empowers women to approach their sexuality head on, in an open, safe, and welcoming environment. Who wouldn’t want to explore their newest Babe Pack with goodies like Clitoral Jolt Gel and Zip Vibe? She among the other members of The Women of Sex Tech (an organization she co-founded as well, btw) are going beyond the vibrators and personal lubricants, to propel this movement to explore and educate fellow women in this male-dominated industry. Polly’s incredible journey started after she was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 21. While surviving cancer meant that she would experience menopause early on, she also quickly pinpointed the lack of awareness and options for women in sexual health and is now boldly leading this feminist sexual revolution that we can all be a part of and have a little fun with.
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  • What motivates me to get out of bed every morning:
  • The 8 other badass women that I get to call my teammates at Unbound. Also, NPR Morning Edition. Also, tater tots.

  • A day in my life:
  • I wake up and put on NPR always while I scramble to get ready. I wait either 2 or 26 minutes for the D / B train because the MTA is really just not crushing it lately. I parade through the streets of Chinatown to our offices at 77 Bowery and we kick the day off with Pep Rally, our daily meeting where each person shares the top things they’re working on and if they need help. The rest of the day totally varies but usually is a smorgasbord of meetings with the team, investors, and partner brands. I’m usually at the office until 8pm and then I head home and eat take out pretty much every night for dinner (one of these days I swear I will get healthy….)

  • The biggest challenge with launching Unbound:
  • The stigmas of sexuality make starting a business in this space tricky. Everything from opening a bank account to advertising becomes an obstacle. Which stinks, but I do think the tide is turning.

  • How to be more open about your sexuality, regardless of how society will take it:
  • Be brave enough to be vulnerable, because everyone is scared to be open and honest… but the thing I’ve learned is that we’re all curious and so if you can take the first step towards honest vulnerability, those around you will, too. We’re all just looking for permission to be curious.

  • How tech plays a role in shifting POVs about sexuality:
  • I think technology has made things both better and worse. Better, because technology creates efficiencies which result in accessibility (i.e., it’s way easier to launch a website and build products because of the internet). Worse, because technology has resulted in sexuality (ahem, porn) becoming this thing we all consume, but don’t talk about — further relegating the conversation of sexuality into the shadows.

Polly Rodriguez photographed by Jae Eun Seok in New York HERE / NOW WITH MORE AMAZING WOMEN