Here / Now With Pari “Dust” Ehsan
Here / Now With Pari “Dust” Ehsan
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One of the many reasons we love New York is for the endlessly creative game-changers that emerge from every square inch if this city. A true unicorn, Paris “Dust” Ehsan, beautifully unites two separate worlds – shedding light to prominent and yet-to-be-discovered fashion designers while simultaneously spotlighting art exhibitions that we shouldn’t miss. With her eponymous platform Pari Dust, she is charting unknown territory with her innovative and unexpected photoshoots and features. What we admire so much about Pari is that she is fearlessly carving her own niche to marry her two passions. She’s takes a highly innovative approach and gleans on her past experiences as a dancer, architect and interior designer to create an entrancing new aesthetic both in front of and behind the camera.

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  • My passion:
  • Observing and performing dialogues between art and fashion in space.

  • How I came to blend the worlds of fashion and art:
  • A lifelong obsession with both yet the feeling that I couldn’t fully immerse or access either led to years of dancing around this space, in architecture, interiors, furniture design until I realized that I felt most alive in the in-between spaces where I saw a cross between realms. I thought the synergies that exist in between creative or aesthetic realms and the way I saw people approaching them brought out almost an emotional response that I wanted to enter into and explore. I started by making collages with old interiors magazines which contained art in peoples homes as well and layered on imagery from contemporary fashion magazines until one day when I was wearing a blush colored fur jacket at the Gagosian which was the perfect colour match to a Helen Frankenthaler painting on display. The fur was reminiscent of the nature of the brush strokes and the tonal matching seemed to create this luminous effect through my eyes in the painting. It was then that I decided it could be quite powerful to actually perform and photograph the compositions and inject the element of time and place into the pairings.

  • My emotions as I transitioned into my role as a content creator:
  • Vedic meditation and an ongoing practice of positivity and affirmations helped me immensely in having the confidence to move into and carve out a new space for myself, also that I get a natural high off of the process, the ongoing act of discovery, unfolding and realization of each story. My obsession with creating these dialogues and the blind faith that comes along with doing what you love is too strong for the fear that arises along the way.

Pari "Dust" Ehsan photographed by Jae Eun Seok in New York HERE / NOW WITH MORE AMAZING WOMEN