Here / Now With Kirin Bhatty
Here / Now With Kirin Bhatty
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The future is bright and colorful for makeup artist Kirin Bhatty whom our founder Eunice Kim met almost a decade ago. The two bonded over the hustle to rise in the ranks of their jobs – overworked but proud of what they did. Fast forward to the present and Kirin is a jetsetting bombshell (and we love her daily diaries on IG) — an irreplaceable member of the glam squads for Hollywood’s most coveted cool girls, from Tessa Thompson and Jenny Slate to Kate Upton and rising star Gideon Adlon. Yet despite this robust portfolio, Kirin is as humble, bubbly and optimistic as they come. She is still the hardworking, bright-eyed and positive boss babe that earned her so much love in this cutthroat industry. She is true to and sure of herself and lets those qualities shine through her work. Her love of natural beauty and that “glow” have starlets flocking to her because she transforms them by enhancing, not recreating their looks. Read on to learn her beauty ritual and take on summer trends that will allow our natural beauty shine through.

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  • My signature beauty/makeup style:
  • I love fresh, glowing skin and I approach makeup with a “less is more” attitude. I’m into anything that shows the real you. I believe in enhancing the beauty in my clients not recreating a new face. Even when I’m inclined to do a dramatic or artful look, I always keep the skin simple. I find it’s always a bit more chic this way.

  • How to bring that glow from within to make you truly shine:
  • Skincare first! I am very skincare forward in my makeup process and if there’s one piece of advice I can give it would be to invest in your skincare. If your skin is in good shape, the less makeup you’ll have to reach for!
    I get facials regularly at Joanna Vargas, they are miracle workers there!
    A good wash and exfoliant is important, right now I’m loving the Abhati Suisse Shanta rich facial cleanser and the Joanna Vargas exfoliating mask.
    I always start my day with the La Prairie cellular Swiss UV protection veil SPF 50 coupled with their Skin Caviar luxe eye lift cream and add a little Vintner’s Daughter as needed.
    I finish with a good mist. I LOVE a mist and right now I’m alternating between Mother Dirt & True Botanicals.
    My body cream that I swear by is from Tatcha, their indigo soothing silk body butter is out of this world.

    I also recommend changing up your skincare seasonally. It’s a fun way to incorporate new products but also a way to nourish your skin in a way that it needs most.

  • How to "make it" as a celebrity makeup artist:
  • Be positive and focus on your own journey. I always refer to that quote from Theodore Roosevelt that “comparison is the thief of joy.” I have found that there’s nothing to be more true in this field.

    Find other things you are passionate about in addition to your work. This business is all about the ebbs and flows. There are times where you’ll be so busy that you can’t breathe, and then there will be times when work is slow and you’ll question every career choice you’ve ever made. I’ve found this is true for most people in the creative field, especially when you are freelance.

    Take any down time you might have and nurture your other loves. It’s important to have focus in your career, but to not have it be your only focus because it can be so fickle. Take time to step back and look at all you’ve achieved even if it seems small to you – It’s important to be reflective. Things move so fast in this job so I consciously make my self stop and reflect on the journey.

  • The most rewarding moment thus far in this journey:
  • That’s such a hard question because there are constantly new shifts and moments. I had my first international press tour last year for the film Pirates of the Caribbean with Kaya Scodelario. I got to see the world in a really special way and do what I love most while doing it. I have memories that will last forever (not to mention lots of airline miles!)

  • Five things I can't live without:
    A good antique jewelry store with lots of fine jewelry treasures
    My record player
    My passport
    And luxury chocolates!!!

Kirin Bhatty photographed by Carmen Chan in Los Angeles HERE / NOW WITH MORE AMAZING WOMEN