Here / Now With Katia Pryce
Here / Now With Katia Pryce
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Simply put, DanceBody Creator Katia Pryce is Badass. And her energy is infectious. Just by spending an afternoon with her, Katia made us feel just a little bit stronger, sexier and more confident — and we hadn’t even started a class yet! A Detroit native, she is tough down to her perfectly chiseled core. She puts in work into this intensely fun and invigorating dance cardio platform and is always at the front of the pack, teaching classes personally. Her dance-crazed sweat sessions have girls in NY and around the country (if you’re like us, we’re obsessed with DanceBody at Home) kicking butt and toning every single muscle in their body, and maybe even showing off a few new moves out on a Friday night. It’s an addicting high that is only going to spread. With a powerhouse like Katia at the helm, DanceBody truly is unstoppable, and like their mantra, you can’t help but Keep Moving.

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  • My passion:
  • Movement. I couldn’t love anything more.

  • Why I started DanceBody:
  • Because I’m selfish. I selfishly wanted the workout that I wanted. I wanted to be strong, but I didn’t want to have bulky muscles. I wanted to look like a dancer. And I wanted it to be fun to do. A boring workout is not going to get done very often.

  • What I want you to take away from DanceBody
  • Euphoria. Forget calories, the scale, and all of those extreme versions of what you think you have to be. I want you to recognize how you feel. After a class, you are high on life. Your endorphins are spiked and you’re ready to rock. You think clearer. You’re happier. I call it my organic Zoloft because I don’t need to take medication. I can be having the worst day but after a class, I’ve got that exuberance, that energy, running through my body. I’m now awake. The most important measurement is how you feel.

  • My style inspiration:
  • Function. and Tomboy Chic. I’m a tomboy with bohemian tendencies. I’m usually in workout clothes. So when I get to wear “real people clothes” I wear a t-shirt and jeans with one great accessory.

Katia Pryce photographed by Jae Eun Seok in New York HERE / NOW WITH MORE AMAZING WOMEN