Here / Now With Jennet Liaw
Here / Now With Jennet Liaw
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Our introduction to designer Jennet Liaw qualifies as a meet-cute – it came at the precise moment when Jennet was pondering taking her art beyond the traditional mediums and when we wanted an artistic visionary to re-imagine our BLANCA. Based on opposite coasts, we had to link up for the first time via call, yet everything felt incredibly in sync, dare we say, meant to be. Introduced by our badass babe behind the lens, Carmen Chan, we knew we’d be in good company, but it’s Jennet’s style to always surprise and delight with a little bit extra.
Her grounded sensibilities balance out a most vivid and colorful imagination – resulting in sleek designs that are part empowering, part witty, and 100% her. She stayed steadfast in her “art kid” dreams and dissolved the antiquated Asian immigrant family notions that she needed to be a doctor or lawyer to gain respect. Not only is she comfortable with different mediums, but she is also always up for a challenge, pushing beyond paper and pen to design for brands you might have heard of like Nike, Coca Cola, Apple, of course Here / Now (exciting!). Jennet is making waves and we are so excited to join her for the ride. Stay tuned for more to come from this petite powerhouse.
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  • What motivates me to get out of bed every morning:
  • The list of to-do’s I make the night before. Listing helps me wind down in the evenings, and the pressure of it is just slow-release enough to come through as a firm tap on the shoulder in the a.m.

  • How I turned my passion into my profession:
  • Basically, I made the arts inseparable from my actual identity as a person so that my dream of designing for a living would be inevitable. As a kid, I had this mission to prove to my traditional community that I could respond to any situation, any prompt with something visual…and that that might be surprising, but it’d also be fitting and therefore reveal a career choice that they might’ve previously not had respect for. I don’t know how to fully explain the huge fear I grew up with that I’d be pulled in by the tides of an immigrant family to be a doctor/lawyer/anything but my very specific dream, but that fear drove me to go to extra lengths to cut through the noise.

    This is surely not the healthiest approach. Now as an adult, this lopsidedness in work life balance is something I’m working to correct for the sake of better relationships and a healthier self-image. So If I could go back, I’d shed that irrational level of fear, but definitely keep the doggedness!

  • My most useful tool or resource:
  • The internet. It can be a scary place nowadays but when I look back at my teens, the ability to google something during my half hour of dial-up internet each day is what revealed what was really out there, and was my only gauge of just how big I could dream. We groan at the information overload now but every once in awhile it’s nice to curb that perspective and remember the wonder with which I once approached learning virtually all of my design how-to’s from the internet… and just be amazed and hungry for more.

Jennet Liaw photographed by Jae Eun Seok in New York HERE / NOW WITH MORE AMAZING WOMEN