Here / Now With Tammy Cho and Grace Choi
Here / Now With Tammy Cho and Grace Choi
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One of the most rewarding aspects of working at Here / Now With is the constant influx of inspiration and motivation we receive every day. When we met with Tammy Cho and Grace Choi, we were treated to a little something extra – we learned a lesson in bravery. The duo founded BetterBrave, a platform devoted to combating sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Since its launch about a year ago, this non-profit start-up has established itself as the go-to back up plan and resource. In our unfortunate reality where 1 in 3 women have experienced sexual harassment at work and 71% of incidents go unreported, BetterBrave provides us with hope that gradually we can change this statistic. 
The duo, who left their day jobs in Silicon Valley to pursue this full-time, have thought of everything. After months of researching and talking to targets of harassment, Human Resource departments, founders, investors and employment lawyers, these young boss babes created BetterBrave to provide options for both women and men to report harassment, clearly outline their rights, and connect targets with lawyers for a free consultation. They have clear answers to questions we come across, such as: What can you do if you do not have evidence? Should you confront your harasser directly? There is also a section for “allies” or those who want to help and correctly handle a situation. 
While we were all plugged in to software engineer Susan Fowler’s honest account of her experience at Uber, Tammy and Grace had the courage to do something about it. It is truly amazing to see how their vision and diligence have come to life to encourage and help those who have been too afraid to step out of the shadows to seek help. Like Tammy and Grace, we encourage each and every one of you to take action – either by seeking support and learning your options in the event of being targeted, or stand up as an ally and learn how to be an effective supporter. You can also volunteer or donate at Arming ourselves with information and knowledge is our strongest first defense and the first step in changing the conversation.
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  • The hardest step in transitioning from corporate life to creating a non-profit start-up:
  • One of the hardest steps in transitioning into the start-up life is that you’re building everything from scratch and you’re doing so with a tiny fraction of the resources you would have in the corporate world.


    We won’t sugar coat it. This whole journey is definitely hard. But we’ve learned that when you believe in something enough, nothing can stop you. Running a start-up isn’t easy, but it will be worth it.

  • What helped tip our decision to start BetterBrave:
  • The tipping point for us was when Susan Fowler published her blog post about the harassment and discrimination employees faced at Uber. As women in the tech industry, we were all too familiar with her experiences. We were pretty fed up with this reality, so we decided to do something about it.


    We first launched our guide for targets of sexual harassment to inform employees about their rights and options in the workplace. Thousands of individuals accessed our guide and shared their stories with us about how they wished this guide existed a long time ago and what resources they needed most. We knew we were onto something.


    Since then, we created a nonprofit dedicated to empowering employees to create a safer and more inclusive workplace! We create content and tools for employees to learn more about their workplace rights and options; and we have a resource center where we connect employees to different organizations and groups that offer legal guidance, therapy, support, and more.


    We have more tools and resources in the works for both survivors and allies, so definitely stay tuned for those developments at 🙂

  • How we hope BetterBrave will impact this space where both awareness and support are lower than needed:
  • Many of us spend more time at work than at home. It’s a basic human right to feel safe in the workplace. Our goal with BetterBrave is to create a safe space where victims and allies are empowered with the best information and tools to take action in a way that is right for them.

  • The first step in learning more or getting more involved:
  • You can learn more about your rights and options in the workplace as a target of harassment and as an ally at Our work is possible thanks to support from people like you. If you’d like to join us and help further our cause, contribute at

  • If we had to select a power duo in pop culture to represent us, it would be:
  • Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

  • How we make this co-foundership work to its fullest:
  • We joke about how co-founders are basically married couples, but it really is the best analogy! A successful partnership is grounded in trust, respect, and communication. We trust each other to take ownership of the responsibilities related to our roles, have tons of respect for each other, and are not afraid to openly talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly related to work.


    We also like to get shit done and have the complementary personalities and skill sets to make it happen together too. It’s so important that founders fill in each other’s gaps and support each other in focusing on their respective strengths.


    This approach seems to work well for us since we’ve successfully worked together for nearly three years!

Grace Choi and Tammy Cho photographed by Carmen Chan in Los Angeles HERE / NOW WITH MORE AMAZING WOMEN